Professional Courses in Learning Engineering

Self-Paced Certificate Courses

Learn from Carnegie Mellon’s leading researchers in learning analytics, curriculum design, and educational data mining.

Evidence-Based Backward Design

Learn how to employ agile and iterative methodologies to design innovative e-learning online interactions and technology to make learning more effective and efficient.

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UX Design for Effective Instruction

Learn about and how to apply the six multimedia principles key to designing effective, engaging digital instructional activities and learning experiences whether it is a video, presentation, or a fully online course.

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Foster Active Learning

How do you know that the chosen instruction method is effective? Is there a method of instruction that would be best for a certain type of material?

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Uncovering Implicit Knowledge with Cognitive Task Analysis (CTA)

Learn CTA methods such as Clark’s five steps of CTA via structured interview, principles of contextual inquiry, think aloud, and difficulty factor assessment (DFA). Learn to apply these methods in a practical context and interpret the results to design effective learning experiences.

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Introduction to Personalized Online Learning

Learn how to create advanced learning solutions and technologies that adapt to learners and provide individualized experiences that optimize learning. Take into account multiple psychological realms, such as combinations of knowledge, path through problem, and affect.

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Data-driven knowledge tracing to improve learning outcomes

Learn how to to apply data-driven modeling to track students’ knowledge growth in advanced learning technologies and adapt the instructions based on that. Learn multiple techniques to perform KC Modeling, Cognitive Task Analysis and Knowledge Tracing to do data-driven design.

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