Introduction to Personalized Online Learning

Course Description: Online learning has become widespread and many claim it will revolutionize higher education and K-12. How can you make sure your online learning is adaptive to learners’ needs? In this course, students will learn how they can adapt to their learner needs that is supported by research taking into account multiple psychological realms, such as combinations of knowledge, path through problem, and affect.

Instruction is adaptive to the extent it takes into account how learners are different, how they are similar, and that they change as they learn. Therefore, advanced learning technologies that adapt to learners can provide individualized experiences that optimize learning. This course covers a number of proven personalization techniques used in advanced learning technologies. We will also survey newer techniques, such as personalizing based on student metacognition, affect, and motivation. Finally, we will look at personalization approaches that are widely believed to be effective but have not proven to be so.

Targeted Audience: Researchers, Product/UX Designers and Instructional Designers who want to want to decide what to adapt to, Administrators who want to adopt adaptive edtech in their schools and want to understand how the product is delivering the results, Anyone interested in edtech.

Upon completing the course you will be able to:

  • Define adaptivity in learning technologies and Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS)
  • Know about key individual differences between learners, including cognitive and metacognitive factors, affect, motivation
  • Describe the different ways you can adapt to your learners using a 5X3 adaptivity grid and the relationship between its components
  • Know areas of adaptivity grid learning technologies and ITSs can adapt to
  • Describe techniques utilized by advanced learning technologies (such as intelligent tutoring systems) to provide personalized learning; in particular, know how these techniques assess learners and customize instruction accordingly

Duration: two weeks, approximately 7 hours/week

Prerequisite: None