Web Services - Get Transactions and Student-Step Records

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Status: Done (DataShop v4.0 December 2009)

User Stories

  1. As a researcher (EDM, M&M, CMDM), I want to retrieve transaction data programmatically and append custom fields to transactions in DataShop so that I can more easily run my models on the data outside of DataShop and put the results back in.
  2. As a researcher with a machine learning background, I want to retrieve student-step data programmatically so that I can more easily run my analyses on the data without much human intervention.
  3. As a researcher who has created a custom field for an existing data set, I want to import that new field into the step rollup table so that it is both preserved and available in DataShop tools. - Ryan Baker, 12/15/2008


  • Adding custom fields to existing datasets
  • Needed for M&M and CMDM clusters [Ryan Baker, October 2008]
  • Will enable researchers to use output from existing models
    • Gaming Detector [Arnon Hershkovitz, Mihaela Cocea, Summer 2008]
    • Bayesian Knowledge Tracing. [Hao Cen, migrated from feature wish list]
  • Key to collaboration.
  • Ability to automatically add columns to DataShop data sets at transaction level [Ryan, Startup Memo, summer 2008]
    • Tx level, Need user incentive to upload values, need associated notes, need graphing of
  • Get Step Rollup
    • How to show the KCs, multiple columns? one column? use labels or 1's and 0's? -- Ken Koedinger, DataShop Team Meeting, Aug 28, 2009
      • Multimapped - column for every KC, then 1 or 0 (this is the Q matrix structure)
      • The other way to go, is to have one column for all the KCs

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