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Status: Design Needed

User Story

As a researcher with my own data, I want to easily get my data into DataShop, so that I can take advantage of the tools provided.


  • User Story written 11/3/2008
  • For Non-PLSC researchers
  • Many requests [Ken, Oct 10, 2007] [Andre Mayers, John Stamper, 2008]
  • "Push Button Import" [Ken, ET Mtg 10/10/2007]
  • Need to do some scalability work first (start using stored procedures).
  • Need to set goal on how long a 5 million transaction dataset should take.
  • Some design questions:
    • Maybe limit size of dataset, cannot be 16 quadrillion lines long.
    • Check first 200 lines for validity.
    • Schedule the import, not necessarily happening immediately.

See complete DataShop Feature Wish List.