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Status: Design Needed

User Story

As a researcher, I'd like to see the KCs in the transaction export as they are back-filled by the error-attribute algorithm that is used for the learning curves. [Vincent Aleven, email 4/25/2008]


  • Ben Billings, a DataShop developer, wrote a special query to produce an export for Ron and Vincent that included the KC this way.  They have asked for it several times.
  • "The key issue that none of the incorrect steps has KC labels. We need KC labels on all lines that represent correct or incorrect student actions, and help requests. Otherwise we will be forced to reconstruct this information in Excel, which is not impossible but time-consuming and quite possibly a bit error-prone. I do believe (strongly) that this is not a one-off requirement; pretty much everyone who is interested in knowledge component analysis (and this is a key foundation of the PSLC theoretical framework) would be interested in having KC labels on all steps." [Vincent 4/25/2008]
  • Add the Problem View field to the Transaction preview and export. Seems that you would need problem view in the tx format for the algorithm to work. [Ken, DataShop Team Meeting, 9/9/2010]

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