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Status: Requirements Done; Estimate: 4 weeks

User Story

As a psychologist, I want to see error bars on learning curves so I can do an "eyeball test" to see if two points are reliably different (if there error bars aren't overlapping), which will give me more confidence that the conditions are different.


  • Adapted from Bob Hausmann's DataShop demo. See Error Bars on Wikipedia.
  • Error Bars [Bob Hausmann, Winter Workshop 1/23/2008]
    • Bob mentioned the need for Error Bars in his presentation at the DataShop Work Shop held in January 2008.
    • Bob introduced something he's seen from another researcher: error bars used to indicate statistical significance--overlapping bars between points means no statistically significant different, but no overlap means there is statistical significant difference. This is a visual t-test.
    • Bob Hausmann pinged me about this a few days ago [Ryan Baker, 06/03/2008]
  • Ability to represent error bars in graphs [Phil Pavlik, 03/18/2006]
  • Attendees of the DataShop Turns 3! event expressed interest in this item as well. [October 2008]
  • Developer Note: Need to upgrade JFreeChart from v1.0.2 to v1.0.3.

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