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Status: Done (DataShop v4.0 December 2009)

User Story

As a user exporting transaction data, I want to know if the cached file differs from the latest data in the database and what I can do about it if I need more recent data.


  • Bruce McLaren noticed that in his new dataset "Pittsburgh Science of Learning Center Stoichiometry Study 5" (dataset_id 268 on production) that for several rows there are missing delimiters, causing display issues starting at or around the "Condition Name" column.
    • If the Sample has been modified in some way, but has not been re-cached, the preview is getting data directly from the database, but the export will deliver the now out of date export file. Both the preview and the export should have the same data, so that users are not concerned about which is the "real" data. [Jim]
    • We can accomplish this by always using cache file data for both preview and export when a cached file is available. However, the user also needs to know the "freshness" of the data he is looking at. When a sample needs to be re-cached, there needs to be a prominent message making clear the time that the export file was created, so that the user knows any data added or changed since then will not be reflected in the preview or the export. [Jim]

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