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Status: User Story Needed; Requirements Needed

User Story



  • Exporting and Importing some datasets causes a loss of data, e.g. problem event info.
  • This is an issue with any dataset which has problem event information, e.g. ones munged by Carnegie Learning.
  • This is also an issue with the Andes datasets.
    • "I'm not sure if the problem view number is what we want -- I believe I have no problem determining that from the transaction table (by tabulating distinct Andes session ids). We are interested in the amount of real time taken on a problem, including time reading and thinking before the first transaction. So it makes sense to have a dated marker of the START_PROBLEM event, or something equivalent." [Anders, email 2/11/2008]
  • This option could help us sell DataShop to external researchers and industrial affiliates, who mostly prefer a tab-delimited format to an XML format.

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