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Status: Done (DataShop v4.4 December 2010)

User Story

As a DataShop administrator, I want to merge two analysis databases, so that I can get a mysql dump from Tristan at Carnegie Learning instead of running the munger.


  • Carnegie Learning maintains a database equivalent to the DataShop analysis_db schema. They log their tutoring data to a file and then use their Munger tool to import it to their database. Previously, we used the same Munger on our database to import their logged data, which was slow and redundant. The idea of DBMerge is after Carnegie Learning has munged the data to their database they can perform a sql database dump to give us. DataShop will create a new database identical to analysis_db to import the db file to. A new stored procedure will be run to quickly integrate analysis_db with the Carnegie Learning data while maintaining key integrity.
  • Carnegie Learning has a massive amount of data already in our format but not in DataShop yet, with the potential to at least double, the amount of data in the repository.
  • Eliminates some of the manual workflow of munging one dataset at a time.
  • Prerequisite for redesign of the import tool and future database changes
  • Alida 14:48, 10 September 2010 (EDT)

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