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March 15, 2012
Cognitive Factors Meeting

- Introduction of Dr. Connie Ho, visiting from Hong Kong
- The Advisory Board meeting is next week: Tuesday & Wednesday, March 20-21

Overview of Cognitive Factors Projects:
- Susan Dunlap (spelling interventions in English as a second language)
- Ben Friedline (morphology training in English as a second language)
- Yibin Li (REAP, assistance dilemma)
- Wendy Chang (effect of viewing animated characters on learning to read Chinese) and Juan Zhang (effects of writing, reading, or viewing animated characters on Chinese character recognition and production)
- Jon-Michel Seman, Jan Wang, Nel de Jong (fluency in English as a second language)
- Bruce McLaren (teaching stoichiometry via worked examples, intelligently tutored problems, erroneous examples, and problems to solve)
- Nora Presson and Brian MacWhinney (conjugation of regular and irregular verbs in Spanish as a foreign language)
- Stephanie Siler (evidence of engineering goals vs. science goals in students learning control-of-variables strategy)
- Elizabeth Hirshorn (an investigation of alternate strategies used by resilient readers of English, with low phonological skill and higher than expected reading comprehension)