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Status: Prioritization Needed

User Story

As a researcher, I want to get problem content so that I can better predict performance (e.g., in the KDD Cup task) especially when there is not existing strong KC model.


  • Email from Ken to Ryan, May 2010
 I'd like to get your method for extracting the problem descriptions from CL
 files in use as part of DataShop -- that is, to produce files that can be
 attached to associated datasets that provide the problem text information.
  • Response from Ryan, May 2010
 It's not that easy, unfortunately. :-|
 Thinking back, I think I must have had Jay step through problems rather than using
 a problem dump (and maybe he just looked at the first one? not clear).
 When I said I dumped this out via code, I think what I was thinking of was the
 hint messages, which I dumped out of DataShop data.
 But it *is* doable, just a good bit of work. :-)
 Go to
 C:\Program Files\Carnegie Learning\2006\Administrative\Curricula\Unit Data
 (or similar folder)
 Find the lesson of interest
 Search for "problem id". Find the problems.
 C:\Program Files\Carnegie Learning\2006\Administrative\Curricula\Problem Data
 Rename problem-data.jar to, then extract it
 (do this on a copy)
 Then go into Initial State
 Rename initial-state.jar to, then extract it
 Find the problem id.tre
 (e.g. if you are looking for problem Sys02, find sys02.tre)
 Search in that file for <<Scenario>>
 The scenario text follows (after some meta-data).
 No doubt, the scenario text could be extracted from this, either via code, or
 undergraduate labor. Not trivial, though.

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