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Special Student Pricing*

*currently offered on a trial basis

What you will learn in the course

What is the offer?

Student Pricing Description:

Certificate courses are offered at a heavily discounted rate for students enrolled full-time in a graduate or undergraduate degree program

To qualify for student pricing:

  • Must be enrolled full-time in a graduate or undergraduate degree program at an accredited university
  • Must enroll with a university email address
  • Must provide proof of current enrollment by emailing one or more of the following to
    • Current transcript showing current and/or planned courses.
    • Link to online university directory indicating your enrollment status

Important notes for student pricing:

  • Carnegie Mellon University credit will not be offered.
  • Student pricing may be withdrawn or changed at any time without warning.
  • Student pricing may not be available for every course.


How this works


To take advantage of the special pricing:

  1. Register for the course using your college or university email address.
  2. Email with the
    1. Course name and course key.
    2. Proof of full-time enrollment in a degree granting course at an accredited college or university. Either of these is acceptable:
      • Current transcript showing current and/or planned courses as well as planned degree
      • Letter from your college or university Registrar indicating that you are enrolled as a full-time student in a specific program with an expected graduation date.
  3. If approved,  you will pay the reduce fee and we will email you a one-time use payment code for access to the course.
  4. Use the payment code to complete enrollment in the course.

We reserve the right to reject any proof of enrollment for any reason as well as to change this policy at any time.