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Our education program consists of a growing list of short courses (from three to four weeks) as well as full semester courses. These courses are ideal for industry professionals and executives in instructional design, learning science, and data science. See complete details at
Three short courses starting June 7th! 
All courses have a 48 hour grace period.
What makes us different? Learn in a cohort to employ an evidence-based continuous improvement methodology to develop effective and engaging educational experiences. Learn from the world’s leading researchers in learning analytics, curriculum design, and educational data mining in the Human-Computer Interaction Institute and the Psychology Department. 

Learn in a cohort

Take courses together with people like you. Learn together and from each other. All courses start the first Monday of the month and include regular deadlines to keep you on track as well as a week long final project.

Deliver exceptional educational experiences

Create evidence-based solutions that are not only desirable and engaging, but also enhance learning.

Apply & adapt learning science principles

Identify opportunities for course improvement and adapt learning science principles to your needs.

Employ data driven continuous improvement

Apply educational data mining to evaluate and improve educational solutions.

Courses Available Now

All courses start the first Monday of the month, include regular deadlines to keep you on track as well as a final project.

Businesses looking to upskill their employees on the latest learning engineering and instructional design skills can reach out to us for one-on-one consultation meetings and more information.