PSLC Year 5 Projects

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New Year 5 projects

Refinement & Fluency CLUSTER ==> Cognitive Factors THRUST [Chuck]

  • Macwhinney- Robustness-2nd Language Learning
  • Nel de Jong - Second Language Learning
  • Julie Fiez - Fiez Project Plan
  • **New** Wylie, Mitamura,Teruko Koedinger,Ken - IWT Assistance_Dilemma_English_Articles
  • Dunlap Perfetti,Charles Lexical Quality of English Second Language Learners
  • Balass - Nelson,Jessica Perfetti,Charles Learning ESL Vocabulary with Context and Definitions: Order Effects and Self-Generation
  • Mizera Formulaic sequences and the development of L2 oral fluency
  • Liu - Perfetti,Charles Wang,Min Wu,Sue-mei guan,qun Integration of reading and writing in learning Chinese words and sentences

Coordinative Learning CLUSTER ==> CF or Metacognition & Motivation THRUST [Ken]

Integrative Communication CLUSTER ==> Social Communicative THRUST [Chuck]

Computational Modeling and Data Mining THRUST [Ken]

  • Nokes - Hausmann,Robert Harnessing what you know: The role of analogy in robust learning **NEW PROJECT**
  • Mclaren- Assistance Dilemma
  • Matsuda - SimStudent


New thrusts "absorb" work from past clusters.