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Status: Design/Req'ts complete, Estimate 12 days

User Story

As a primary investigator, I want researchers who use my dataset to cite the correct paper or URL so that I can be recognized for my work.


  • Show a message on export, to tell user what to cite, show them a citation. Include DataShop URL and paper.
  • Create a field on Dataset Info to enter a citation (or an "acknowledgement"?) for the dataset. Could be a paper citation or a website URL, for example. As a result, the exports from DataShop (transaction, student-step, student-problem--the latter two are not yet zips but would need to be) should include a small text file that includes the content of the citation (maybe prefaced with: "If you use this dataset in your research, please cite it as follows:") -- Steve Ritter & John Stamper, User Meeting, December 2010

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