Web application student-step format should be the same as web services version

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Status: Prioritization Needed

User Story


  • The student-step format in the webapp is less useful than the one in web services. It suffers from the following shortfalls:
    • It has two header rows instead of one, which trips up some analysis programs such as R
    • It displays additional rows to capture steps with more than one KC, instead of using the web services approach (see note below
    • It is not cached, while the web services version is.
  • Michael Yudelson ran into the multiple-rows issue on 9/6/2011

From the web services API:

Important: The format of the KC model columns returned by web services Get Student-Step Records is different from the format of these columns in the web application and from the Get Transactions web service. In the web application’s current step format, multiple KCs associated with a step results in multiple rows. In the web services version, multiple KCs are contained in a single value and delimited with two tildes (“~~”), resulting in a single row for the student-step. The same rule is applied to the Opportunity and Predicted Error Rate columns.

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