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Is learned helplessness a related construct? Has it been interpreted as a lack of self-efficacy? (VA)

Question: have researchers distinguished between beliefs about one's ability to _perform_ in a certain domain and one's ability to _learn_ in a certain domain? One probably expects these to be highly correlated and perhaps often not clearly distinguished in people's minds ... has that distinction/correlation been studied? Would it be interesting to study? Would it be a PSLCish thing to study? (VA) (The following paper makes the distinction: Lodewyk, Ken R. Department of Human Performance and Sport Management, Mount Union College, Alliance, OH, US; Winne, Philip H. Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC, Canada E-mail: Relations Among the Structure of Learning Tasks, Achievement, and Changes in Self-Efficacy in Secondary Students. Journal of Educational Psychology Vol 97(1) (Feb 2005): 3-1.

Some studies find that self-efficacy is a better predictor of learning (future academic achievement - probably fair to view that as learning???) than prior knowledge.