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To do list for changes:
'''Set up Blackboard'''
* Example assignment: only require one example, but have it due on Wed, Sept 2 so we can review it before class on Thur
* Class schedule goals
** align with project steps, such that
*** there's lecture content (worked examples) & maybe practice on day step is assigned
*** definitely have practice on the day after assignment if not on first
** get to assessment development quickly -- part of first or second step?
** spend more up-front time on goal-setting CTA (CI and structured interviews)
*** contrast deliberate path (goal-setting CTA interviews) with agile path (assessment dev, data analysis)
** figure out which lecture sessions will involve student-led debate
*** 9-8?, 15?,
* Re Assessment design
** We should assign this one: https://www.cmu.edu/teaching/assessment/index.html
** Classic theory of assessment design: http://www.education.umd.edu/EDMS/mislevy/papers/ECD_overview.html
** Here's a relevant, but not great, link: http://app.griffith.edu.au/assessment-matters/docs/design-assessment/principles
====Class Schedule in Brief====
*E-Learning Introduction 9-1 to 9-3
**Sept 1 Overview; Examples Assignment; Project; 1.E-learning (The "1." indicates this is a chapter in the Clark & Mayer book)
**Sept 3 2.How People Learn; 3.Evidence-based practice; KLI Framework events
*Instructional Goals and Cognitive Task Analysis 9-15 to 9-22
**Sept 8 Determining instructional goals; Structured Interviews; Contextual Inquiry;
**Sept 10 In-class practice on goal setting & interviewing; assessment writing
**Sept 15 [new readings on: ]Frameworks & Standards; Evidence-based design; KLI KC's;  Cognitive Task Analysis and Think Alouds
**Sept 17 In-class practice on assessment design & implementation
**Sept 22 Discovering learning objectives (KCs) & Rational Cognitive Task Analysis
*Multimedia Principles  9-24 to 10-22
**Sept 24 KLI Learning & Instructional Events; 4.Multi-media Principle & 5.Contiguity Principle
**Sept 29 Empirical Cognitive Task Analysis: Difficulty Factors Assessment (DFA)
**Oct  1 (con't)
**Oct  6 6.Modality Principle & 7.Redundancy Principle 
**Oct 8 CTA to model building & instructional design
**Oct 13 CTA via Data Mining
**Oct 15 8.Coherence Principle & 9.Personalization Principle
**Oct 20 Midterm review &
**Oct 22 Midterm exam & Flex topic '''Bring laptop to class'''
*Learning By Doing Principles 10-27 to 11-24
**Oct 27 10.Segmenting and Pretraining
**Oct 29 KLI & Selecting appropriate instructional principles
**Nov  3 11.Leveraging Examples in E-Learning
**Nov  5 12.Does Practice Make Perfect
**Nov 10     
**Nov 12 14.Who’s in Control? '''(need substitute for this class)'''
**Nov 17 15.E-Learning to Build Problem Solving Skill
**Nov 19 16.Simulations and Games
**Nov 24 17.Applying the Guidelines
**Nov  26      Thanksgiving, no class
*Project Presentations 12-1 to 12-10
**Dec  1 Project Presentations
**Dec  3 Project Presentations
**Dec 8 Project Presentations
**Dec 10 Project Presentations
*Final Project due Dec 18
*Final Exam Date - Thurs Dec 17, 1-4pm in GHC 5222 '''Bring laptop to class'''
=='''Changes from 2014 syllabus to 2015 syllabus''' (starts Thurs of week 3)==
'''Multimedia Principles and Cognitive Task Analysis''' (9 classes-4.5 weeks OLD => NEW)                                                                 
1) Multimedia principle => Multimedia & Contiguity
2) Empirical CTA: Think Aloud => Empirical CTA: DFA
3) Contiguity principle => DFA con't and OPEN class time
4) CTA: DFA and Model Building => Modality & Redundancy
5) Modality & Redundancy => CTA to improve model building and instructional design
6) CTA & Designing assessments => CTA via Data Mining
7) Coherence and Midterm Review => Coherence & Personalization
8) Personalization => Midterm review and OPEN class time
9) Midterm and Flex topic => Midterm and Flex topic
'''Learning By Doing Principles''' (1 class)
Removed topic "Learning Together Virtually" making entire class period OPEN

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