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The Executive Committee


Ken Koedinger Carnegie Mellon University Human-Computer Interaction Institute
Charles Perfetti University of Pittsburgh Psychology, LRDC Director

Managing Director

Michael Bett Carnegie Mellon University Human-Computer Interaction Institute


Aleven, Vincent Carnegie Mellon University Human-Computer Interaction
Eskenazi, Maxine Carnegie Mellon University Language Technologies Institute
Fiez, Julie University of Pittsburgh Psychology
Gordon, Geoff Carnegie Mellon University Machine Learning
Klahr, David Carnegie Mellon University Psychology
Lovett, Marsha Carnegie Mellon University Psychology
Nokes, Tim University of Pittsburgh LRDC
Resnick, Lauren University of Pittsburgh Learning Research and Development Center
Rose, Carolyn Carnegie Mellon University Human-Computer Interaction Institute/Language Technologies Institute

Advisory Board

Aronson, Joshua New York University Applied Psychology
Atkinson, Robert Arizona State University Division of Psychology in Education
Azevedo, Roger University of Memphis Psychology
Biswas, Gautam Vanderbilt University Computer Science and Computer Engineering
Collins, Allan Northwestern University Education and Social Policy
Dede, Christopher Harvard University Technology in Education
Feuer, Michael George Washington University Graduate School of Education and Human Development
Goldman, Susan University of Illinois Psychology
Goldstone, Rob Indiana University Psychology
Griffiths, Tom Berkeley Psychology
Lesgold, Alan University of Pittsburgh School of Education
McNamara, Danielle University of Memphis Psychology
Li, Ping Penn State University Psychology
Minstrell, Jim FACET Innovations, LLC Seattle, WA
Schauble, Leona Vanderbilt University Teaching & Learning
Smith, Marshall (Mike) S.

Graduate Students

Adam Skory Carnegie Mellon
Benjamin Friedline University of Pittsburgh Linguistics
Colleen Davy Carnegie Mellon Psychology
Garbiel Parent Carnegie Mellon Language Technologies Institute
(Derek) Ho Leung Chan University of Pittsburgh Linguistics
Leida Tolentino University of Pittsburgh Psychology
Nora Presson Carnegie Mellon Psychology
Ruth Wylie Carnegie Mellon Human Computer Interaction Institute
Susan Dunlap University of Pittsburgh Psychology
Yun (Helen) Zhao Carnegie Mellon Second Language Acquisition
Benjamin Shih Carnegie Mellon
Collin Lynch University of Pittsburgh
Erik Zawadzki Carnegie Mellon
Nan Li Carnegie Mellon
Amy Ogan Carnegie Mellon
Dan Belenky University of Pittsburgh Psychology
Matthew Easterday Carnegie Mellon
Soniya Gadgil University of Pittsburgh Psychology
Yanhui Zhang Carnegie Mellon
Dejana Diziol Freiburg
Elizabeth Ayers Carnegie Mellon
Elsa Golden Carnegie Mellon
April Galyardt Carnegie Mellon Statistics
Jamie Jirout Carnegie Mellon Psychology
Martina Rau Carnegie Mellon Human Computer Interaction Institute
Tom Lauwers Carnegie Mellon
Tracy Sweet Carnegie Mellon Statistics
Kevin Del Rosa Carnegie Mellon
Turadg Aleahmad Carnegie Mellon Human Computer Interaction Institute
Gahgene Gweon Carnegie Mellon
Anagha Kulkarni (Joshi) Carnegie Mellon
Bryan Matlen Carnegie Mellon Psychology
Sung-Young Jung University of Pittsburgh
Gustavo Santos Carnegie Mellon
Hao-Chuan Wang Carnegie Mellon
Indrayana Rustandi Carnegie Mellon
Jessica Nelson University of Pittsburgh Psychology
Rohit Kumar Carnegie Mellon
Roxana Gheorghiu University of Pittsburgh
Tamar Degani University of Pittsburgh Psychology
Yan Mu Carnegie Mellon Psychology
Elijah Mayfield Carnegie Mellon
Erin Walker Carnegie Mellon
Iris Howley Carnegie Mellon Human Computer Interaction Institute
Tracy Clark Univeristy of Pennslyvania
Laurens Feestra Netherlands
Maaike Waalkens Netherlands
Mary Lou Vercellotti University of Pittsburgh Linguistics
Nozomi Tanaka University of Pittsburgh Linguistics
Eliane Stampfer Carnegie Mellon Human Computer Interaction Institute
Katherine Martin University of Pittsburgh Linguistics

Post Docs

Laura Halderman University of Pittsburgh
Seiji Isotani Carnegie Mellon University HCII
John Connelly University of Pittsburgh
Amy Crosson University of Pittsburgh LRDC
Min Chi Carnegie Mellon MLD
Ido Roll University of British Columbia
Stephanie Siler Carnegie Mellon Psychology
Zelha Tunc-Pekkan Carnegie Mellon HCII
Fan Cao University of Pittsburgh
Suzanne Adlof University of Pittsburgh
Candace Walkington University of Texas
Matthew Bernacki University of Pittsburgh
Gregory Dyke University of Pittsburgh
Sherice Clarke University of Pittsburgh
Oscar Saz Carnegie Mellon University LTI
Michael Yudelson Carnegie Mellon University

Former Post Docs

Hua Ai Georgia Institute of Technology LTI
Alicia Chang University of Delaware Postdoctoral Researcher
Connie Guan Qun University of Pittsburgh
Chin-LungYang University of Pittsburgh
Scotty Craig University of Memphis Research Assistant Professor, Institute for Intelligent Systems


Al Corbett Carnegie Mellon HCII
Alan Juffs University of Pittsburgh Linguistics
Brian Junker Carnegie Mellon Statisics
Brian MacWhinney Carnegie Mellon Psychology
Bruce McLaren Carnegie Mellon HCII
Carolyn Rosé Carnegie Mellon LTI/HCII
Charles Perfetti University of Pittsburgh LRDC
Christa Asterhan Hebrew University
David Klahr Carnegie Mellon Psychology
David Yaron Carnegie Mellon Chemistry
Geoff Gordon Carnegie Mellon Machine Learning
Jack Mostow Carnegie Mellon Robotics
Jim Greeno University of Pittsburgh Instruction and Learning
John Stamper Carnegie Mellon HCII
Ken Koedinger Carnegie Mellon HCII
Kirsten Butcher University of Utah Instructional Design & Educational Technology
Kurt VanLehn Arizona State University Computer Science and Engineering
Lauren Resnick University of Pittsburgh LRDC
Louis Gomez University of Pittsburgh School of Education
Marsha Lovett Carnegie Mellon Eberly Center
Mary Catherine O'Connor Boston University School of Education
Matthew Kam Carnegie Mellon HCII
Maxine Eskenazi Carnegie Mellon LTI
Nel de Jong Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Niels Pinkwart Clausthal University of Technology
Nikol Rummel Ruhr-Universität Bochum Psychology
Noboru Matsuda Carnegie Mellon HCII
Phil Pavlik Carnegie Mellon HCII
Richard Scheines Carnegie Mellon Philosphy
Ryan Baker WPI
Sandy Katz University of Pittsburgh LRDC
Sarah Michaels Clark University Education
Teruko Matamura Carnegie Mellon LTI
Tim Nokes University of Pittsburgh
Vincent Aleven Carnegie Mellon LTI
William Cohen Carnegie Mellon ML


Alida Skogsholm Carnegie Mellon University DataShop Manager
Bob Hausmann Carnegie Learning
Brett Leber Carnegie Mellon University DataShop/CTAT
Christy McGuire Edalytics
Cressida Magaro Carnegie Mellon University
Dorolyn Smith University of Pittsburgh
Duncan Spencer Carnegie Mellon University DataShop
Gail Kusbit Carnegie Mellon University Research Manager
Jo Bodnar Carnegie Mellon University
John Kowalski Carnegie Mellon University
Jonathan Sewall Carnegie Mellon University
Kevin Willows Carnegie Mellon University
Mark Haney University of Pittsburgh
Martin van Velsen Carnegie Mellon University
Michael Bett Carnegie Mellon University Managing Director
Mike Karabinos Carnegie Mellon University
Ross Strader Carnegie Mellon University
Sandy Demi Carnegie Mellon University DataShop/CTAT
Scott Silliman University of Pittsburgh OLI
Shanwen Yu Carnegie Mellon University DataShop
Steve Ritter Carnegie Learning Founder
Thomas Harris Edalytics
Tristan Nixon Carnegie Learning