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Status: Design/Req'ts complete, Estimate 18 days

User Story

Transaction Export: As a researcher, I want to export a dataset sample with problem view and problem start time values so that I can analyze the problem information on a transactional level. Previously problem view information was only available in the student step rollup export.
Import (tab delim): As a researcher I would like to include problem view and problem start time information within my tab delimited transaction file for dataset import. Likewise, when creating a new dataset out of a sample of an existing dataset, I would like the problem view and problem start time data to be preserved. Currently data is lost for Carnegie Learning munged datasets during a transaction export.


Transaction Export:

  • The aggregator already creates the problem view data contained in the step_rollup table.
  • The student problem rollup already produces problem_start_time values.
  • Some Carnegie Learning datasets come with problem_event data and exporting would lose any of that information. DS680: (Exporting and Importing some datasets causes a loss of data on CL datasets.)
  • Voted for feature prioritization at 04/21/2011 team meeting.

Import (tab delim):

  • Infrastructure for storing problem event data already exists for CL datasets.
  • DS680: (Exporting and Importing some datasets causes a loss of data on CL datasets.)
  • Maintains export compatibility with DS1285: (Feature: Add Problem View and Problem Start Time columns to Tx Export).
  • FFI was just released with version 5.0 of DataShop. We should still be familiar with the implementation to make this change swiftly.

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