Add Latency Y-axis Options

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Status: Prioritization Needed

User Story

As a learning science researcher, I want to analyze the latency values using the performance profiler so that I can [achieve some goal].


  • Add Assistance Time and Correct Step Time to y-axis options. -- Ken Koedinger, Mtg with Connie, 8/13/2008
  • Revising for DataShop v3.5.7. Now using the word "duration" instead of "time", so the request should be: Add Step Duration, Correct Step Duration and Error Step Duration to the y-axis options. -- Alida, 9/3/2009
  • Here's a simple feature request that would be very useful and, it would seem, relatively easy: Add the timing variables (Correct Step, Error Step, and Step Time) as possible variables to display (on the top) in

the performance profiler. This fix would probably make it into my top three. -- Ken Koedinger, Email, 3/26/2010

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