Uncovering Educational Bias through Cognitive Task Analysis (CTA)

Course Description: The great majority of our knowledge is hidden in our subconscious and educators are often not aware of if or unable to convey it to learners. This is the expert blind spot. As a result, a domain expert more often than not creates instructional materials with gaps. In this course you will learn about techniques to overcome this challenge. Cognitive Task Analysis (CTA), provides a way to methodologically help experts access their hidden knowledge and create effective instructional materials. You will also learn how CTA can also be used to identify areas of struggle for learners and how that can lead to better learning outcomes.

You will learn how to apply each of these methods in a practical context and interrupt the result to design effective learning experiences. 

Targeted Audience: UX designers, Instructional designers, and learning engineers, Teachers and educators 

Upon completing the course you will be able to:

  • Identify the most suitable CTA method to use 
  • Apply the different CTA methods in a practical context
  • Measure improvement in learning effectiveness

You will learn to:

  • Describe Clark’s 5 steps of CTA via structured interview
  • Describe Contextual Inquiry
  • Describe Think Aloud 
  • Distinguish between the four kinds of CTA
  • Use CTA methods to improve the learning experience

Duration: two weeks, approx. 8 hours per week

Prerequisite: None