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Use Cases

  • Student takes a session
  1. Students logs in.
  2. Student takes a pre-test.
  3. Student chooses a reading.
  4. Student reads a document.
  5. Student takes a post-reading test.
  6. Student gives his/her opinion.
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Fully dressed use case: REAP_ET/Use_Cases/StudentTakesSession

  • Teacher takes a session
  1. Teacher logs in
  2. Teacher manages documents
  3. Teacher sees the statistics (results, word look-ups)
  4. Teacher grades Student's answers
  • Researcher sets up interface
  1. Researcher logs in.
  2. Researcher sets up assessment module
  3. Researcher sets up instruction module
  4. Researcher sets up Management module
  5. Researcher sets up Corpus Creation module

Fully dressed use case: REAP_ET/Use_Cases/ResearcherSetsUpInterface