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This page is for the teachers who are involved in the studies - it addresses their FAQ.


What are you, researchers, looking for?

We are looking for the truth. We do not favor any one condition over the other - we are interested in what instruction helps the students the most, and helps us construct better theory of learning.

What will you do with the results of the studies?

The results of the study will be integrated into a theory of learning, in order to inform better design of instructional material. Usually we will publish it in a conference or a journal, in order to communicate what we have learned. Your contribution is always mentioned in these reports.

In addition, successful additions to the tutor are used when designing newer versions of the Cognitive Tutor curricula.


What if the test is too difficult?

They are tough on purpose - to avoid 'ceiling effect'

How much time should I give to the test?

As much as needed and agreed upon with the other researchers


What condition should I help?

None. Teach as you normally would.

How do I make it up for the Control condition?

No need to. We actually do not know that the experimental condition is getting better instruction...

Do you want to know about students' reactions and other experiences and impressions? 

Yes, a lot. Being in the classroom, and an experienced teacher, you have understanding that we lack and would like to get. Please share with us your impression and observations from the classroom.


Can I get Act-48 credit for the time I spend working on your study?

Depends on the school policiy, but generally speaking, yes.

Can I get paid?

Only if agreed upon before the beginning of the study, and only for unique contribution (such as preparing unique lesson plans).

What other help do you guys need beyond the instruction?

Go over tests and intervention, give feedback