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Below are two lists of features. The features that we have prioritized and decided to implement are in the first, ordered list. The features that the DataShop team and community are discussing are in an unordered list on the page Collected User Requests. Click on a feature to get more information about it, such as a description, rationale for building it, and its status.

You can help!

If you think a feature is important, vote for it by putting your name to the right of the feature. Discuss the feature on the comments section of that feature's page. We'll use these votes and the dialogue that develops to prioritize features.

Don't see a feature on the prioritized list? There's a good chance it's on the Collected User Requests page. You can add feature ideas there and discuss the existing ones. Include your comment, name, and date to vote on feature ideas there.

Tip: Easily sign your username and the current date/time by inserting four tildes (~~~~); insert just your username with three tildes.

See features we are building now, DataShop 4.x Features, and ones we have built, DataShop 3.x Features.

Prioritized Features

  1. Web Services (add custom fields to transactions) — Vote: Ryan Baker(1), John Stamper(1)
  2. Adding Custom Fields through Web Application -- Vote: Ryan Baker (2)
  3. Error Bars — Vote: Ken Koedinger(1)
  4. Metrics — Vote: John Stamper (2), Ryan Baker (3)
  5. Push Button Import — Carnegie Learning, John Stamper
  6. KC Model in Transaction Export — Vote: Vincent Aleven(2)
  7. Student Filter Dialog
  8. Milliseconds
  9. LFA on Sample — Vote: Ken Koedinger(3)
  10. Place for General Papers
  11. Performance Metrics
  12. KC Model Sort
  13. Ability to display step-custom-fields in graphs
  14. Scalability -- Vote: Ryan Baker (4)
  15. Terms of Use — Steve Ritter
  16. Dialogue Message Format

Unordered Features

We have a long list of feature requests that have not been prioritized. Please see the Collected User Requests.

How to Request a Feature

See completed DataShop 3.x Features
See on-going DataShop 4.x Features
See unordered Collected User Requests