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February 8, 2012
Cognitive Factors Meeting

- The Advisory Board meeting is coming up next month: Tuesday & Wednesday, March 20-21. Please plan on attending both days, and also consider presenting a poster (the session will probably on the 20th) so that our thrust is well-represented.
- Congratulations to (Dr.) Nora Presson on her successful doctoral defense!

Brief introduction of new CF attendees:
- Elizabeth Hirshorn (native English reading comprehension)
- Juan Zhang (Chinese LearnLab, character learning study)
- Zhan Wang (English LearnLab, fluency project)

Research presentation:
Bryan Matlen presented his proposed dissertation project on Comparison-based Learning in Science Education. The research aims to compare conditions of near and far comparisons (analogies), and near and far contrasts, with 5th-7th grade students learning the control of variables strategy (CVS).

Next meeting:
- Scheduling: We will try to schedule the next Cognitive Factors meeting in mid-March, prior to the Advisory Board visit. Sorry, this means probably cutting into either Pitt’s or CMU’s spring break schedule.
- Agenda: Any necessary preparations for the AB visit will be discussed. Bruce McLaren will give a research presentation.