CF December 2010

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No major business to discuss, but make sure the following dates are on your calendar:

AB Rehearsal: January 14
AB Visit: January 20-21

iSLC: March 25-27

Talk by Oscar Saz gave a talk: "Language learning in a special education environment".

Abstract: This talk addresses the development of a computer-based tool for providing language learning to young Spanish students with difficulties in their L1, focusing on the situation of students with development disorders attending special education. The requirements of a tool of this kind are many, as it has to be especially motivational for the students while providing supportive feedback according to their cognitive capabilities. How these requirements were addressed and the results of the use of the developed tool are shown. Furthermore, a study on the production of lexical errors in the speech of students with development delays is reported, showing how their lexical capabilities are comparable to those of healthy unimpaired children in the 3-5 year old range.

Slides here: Media:CF_Saz_Dec8.pdf‎

Next Meeting: probably February, post AB visit but all are welcome to the Cognitive Factors AB rehearsal