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Last Event
Tuesday – Wednesday
May 14-15, 2019
Carnegie Mellon University
Next Event
May 2020

Registration Link will Be Available in January 2020

Our 9th annual LearnLab Corporate Partners Meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 14 and Wednesday, May 15 at Carnegie Mellon University. This year’s theme is “Better Learner Outcomes through Learning Engineering” with the underlying goal to accelerate technology transfer from our university into industry. We would welcome you and your colleagues to join us.

At the corporate partners meeting, you will learn about the latest learning science and educational technology research underway at Carnegie Mellon University. Attendees will also have the opportunity to meet and recruit our current graduate students and postdocs in the learning sciences as well as our Professional Masters in Educational Technology and Applied Learning Science (METALS) students. For those who are interested in possible collaborations, we would welcome discussions with our faculty.

See our METALS students resumes at:

A final agenda will be forthcoming. The working agenda is below:

Corporate Partners Meeting Agenda 

May 14, 2019
Bridge Restaurant – Wyndham Hotel
Carnegie Mellon University

6:00 PM Meet and greet Carnegie Mellon University researchers, METALS students, and other industry professionals in an informal setting with light dinner
8:00 PM End

May 15, 2019
Gates Hillman Center – Rashid Auditorium
Carnegie Mellon University

8:00 AM Overview of the Meeting, Introductions

8:15 AM How Can We Create Better Learner Outcomes through Learning Engineering

9:00 AM Interactive demonstrations utilizing the latest technology in education.

  • Upgrade, automated creation of multiple choice questions from open-ended discussions – Xu Wang
  • Lumilo, mixed-reality smart glasses with real-time analytics for teachers in blended classrooms with AI-based tutoring software – Ken Holstein and Vincent Aleven
  • DataShop – Cindy Tipper
  • Learning analytics featuring LearnSphere, the world’s largest infrastructure with methods, linked data, and portal access to relevant resources – Peter Schaldenbrand
  • CTAT – Authoring Intelligent Tutoring Systems without Programming – Jonathan Sewall
  • Open Learning Initiative (OLI) – 30+ Courses/Demonstrated Learning Gains – Hal Turner
  • Echo Authoring – OLI course authoring toolkit

10:45 AM Break

11:00 AM The OpenSimon Toolkit: Authoring and Iterative Improvement – Erin Czerwinski, Simon Initiative TEL Ecosystem Community/Product Manager; Norman Bier, Director Simon Initiative

Describing components of the Simon Initiative Toolkit that are immediately usable by the audience, discussions of how these tools fit into the lifecycle of course design and improvement.  Demonstration of the OLI Authoring and Iterative Improvement Platform

11:30 AM Tools for Learning Analytics and Closing the Loop on Course Improvement – Ken Koedinger

12:15 PM Lunch – METALS Students – meet and recruit students, faculty and other representatives from industry

1:15 PM Sponsoring a METALS Capstone – Michael Bett

1:30 PM Panel Discussion – Learning Engineering in industry: Is it happening now?

Eric Stickney is the Educational Research Director at Renaissance Learning. He works with external independent researchers who conduct evaluations of Renaissance Learning programs. Stickney specializes in analyzing reading and mathematics data collected from millions of students in North America and the UK.

Sari Kulthm is a Senior Content Developer at Microsoft Learning, with a focus on software development for beginning programmers. A distinguished educator, he taught for many years in academic and non-academic settings. Sari has built and led several technology education programs that aim to close the employment gap. He is also passionate about photography, entrepreneurship, and startups.

Christopher Cummings is the Vice President of Learning at Cengage, the largest US-based provider of teaching and learning materials for higher education. Chris has a long history in e-Learning starting with Pearson in 2006. Chris sees that the power of the learner will continue to rise, forcing institutions and individual faculty to put increased focus on the quality and value of the academic experience they deliver.

2:15 PM Break

2:30 PM Overcoming Barriers and Facilitators to Adoption – Lauren Herckis, Simon Initiative Research Faculty

3:00 PM Breakout Groups Session

  • Can I store and analyze your big data using NSF funded LearnSphere? – Cindy Tipper –GHC 6115
  • Author your own courses and intelligent tutors – Norman Bier and Jonathan Sewall – GHC 6121
  • What are some techniques to use data to drive instruction? Ken Koedinger – GHC 7501

3:45 PM Break

4:00 PM Reflections on breakouts and the day.

  • What did you learn?
  • What more do you want to know?
  • Where do we go from here?
  • What would help your organization succeed?


We are also very excited that Remake Learning Days will be May 9-19. It is an eleven-day celebration of activities and events showcasing everything that makes the Pittsburgh region a recognized national leader in innovative teaching and learning. Hundreds of events are currently scheduled. You can find out more about this event at